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@David: I'll email you some pdfs. I've also added the (ugly) Python code I used to make the LaTeX that makes the pdfs to GitHub.
My son is looking at doing a variation of this for his science fair, 2 questions: 1) Has there been a version where MENACE moves 2nd? 2) where might I find a pdf of the game states, at least for MENACE moving 1rst, but if possible moving 2nd
@Sam: I've emailed them to you
I loved the standupmatha video on your MENACE, and I’m trying to build my own. Any way I could get a pdf with the 304 game states on it? Thanks! :)
@Marc St-jacques To build MENACE, I only used the boards that could happen when it is player 1's turn, as MENACE always plays as player 1.
Hi. I tried to implement my own version but I'm stuck at generating 626 boards, after removing impossible boards, wins and ties and transposing all 8 positions for each remaining board. This fellow here comes to a similar conclusion stating there are 626 mid-game boards. So what am I missing to reduce my number to 304 ? --- PS. I could have asked the fellow in question, but my reputation on S-O is too low. :(
Marc St-jacques
I put it into a resign loop after 3 games. Left it resigning for a few hours, after selecting 'random' and speed to maximum, just to see what happens. 15 seconds for the first 1,000 resigns. After a couple of hundred thousand resigns, it had slowed to about 10% of the initial speed. It didn't crash. You could use an unlimited number of beads in the first move box, to stop people like me from finding the boundaries!
It seems to work! It didn't loop! Is there a way to represent the matchboxes (the game positions) in memory so that the 90 and 180 rotations of a same position would automatically be the same matchbox object ?
I played ~40 games and then it got stuck in a loop of "MENACE resigns" on an empty board. I didn't touch the settings. Cool project :-)
I think I've fixed that. Let me know if you still have the same problem after refreshing the page.
The online version of MENACE is really glitchy. Whenever you change the settings, it just keeps going in the corner. For instance, I changed it to get 1 bead per victory, and it just kept going in the corner every time. It made its second move, and then it just stopped playing after that. I put x's all over the board until I won. This happens with a lot of the custom settings.
Cool, thanks! Also thanks for translating the site to German, really useful.
Stephan Graf
I do. I will email them to you
I would like to build my own menace. Would you happen to still have a document template with the possible game states in matchbox size? This could save me some work ;)
Stephan Graf
If you take one bead out on a loss and put three in on a win, then a careful human player (by judicious choice of moves) can win almost three times as much as losing, without letting the machine "catch on"
영준이가~ 좋아하는~ 토론~게임
I've also made a physical MENACE since writing this. I plan to make a video at some point: I'll let you know when I do...
Oh, I just read further and saw that Oliver made the physical MENACE. I shall menace him instead!
Steve Paget
I would love to see a game being played with this machine. Could you make a Youtube video of a game in progress, so we can see it in action? How long does a typical game last with a trained engine?
Steve Paget
There may be a mistake in the source code somewhere. I will look into it.
Whenever the board turns into two opposite corners, and I have played in bottom middle and center, Menace stops playing for some reason (aka I get a free move).
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