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I am Matthew Scroggs. I like maths.
I have a Master's degree in mathematics from Oxford University and am currently studying for a PhD in Finite Element Methods and Boundary Element Methods at UCL. Between Oxford and UCL, I worked as a maths teacher in a secondary school. You can find more about my work on the academic page.
You can regularly find me at London MathsJam (second last Tuesday of the month), and EMF Camp (every two years). I write the crossnumber (as Humbug), puzzles and articles for Chalkdust Magazine. For more non-work related articles and talks, see the recreational page.
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 This website hosts my blog
My most recent blog post is The End of Coins of Constant Width. This and other recent posts are shown above and below.
Most of the posts on the blog are about or involve maths. Highlights of the blog include:
If you're not sure where to start, you could try reading a random article.
 You will also find Sunday afternoon maths puzzles
New puzzles are posted some Sundays, with answers posted on Monday. The most recent collection is Sunday Afternoon Maths LIX. Pictures from recent collections are shown above and below.
Some of my favourite puzzles are:
Again, a random puzzle could be a good place to start.
 There is other content here too. 
This includes:

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 I have 22 public repositories on GitHub.
 I have contributed 9 sequences to the OEIS.
 I have solved 118 problems on Project Euler.
My Erdős number is 5.
My Bacon number is ∞.
My Sabbath number is ∞.
My Erdős–Bacon number is ∞.
My Erdős–Bacon–Sabbath number is ∞.
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